Weight Loss Recipes For Lunch


Weight Loss Recipes For LunchWe are very close to summer time, but we still have time to work our body and continue our diet with weight loss recipes for lunch. If you choose to lose weight through the healthy weight loss recipes, and you already started with the weight loss recipes for breakfast, now it’s time to take into consideration also the weight loss recipes for lunch.

For our comfort and happiness, we have to make this simple effort before summer. After this we will see that not only we lost weight, but also we adopted a healthy lifestyle that will bring us only benefits.

For a fast weight loss we have to combine the healthy weight loss recipes during all day meals. It’s important to not only to take weight loss breakfast, but also weight loss lunch and dinner.

For our comfort and to save time, it’s very important to have some weight loss recipes ideas for each meal. In this way you will spend the remaining time with your family and friends. In these times, when we spend more and more time at the office, each idea and advice it important.

Below you may find some menus from which you can take the main ideas and you can develop more sophisticated menus.

Weight loss recipes for lunch

1. Menu 1: Pasta with red (tomato and/or bell pepper) and one spoon of parmesan. We can use also sauce from commerce (such us pesto) but it is more healthy to be prepared by you. This healthy weight loss recipe will help you to have a balanced meal, but with fewer calories.

2. Menu 2: one big Greek salad with tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, onions, olives, feta, boiled egg and 2 crackers or 1 garlic bread. This recipe for weight loss provide you a lot of minerals, vitamins and more important fibers and will help you to lose weight faster.

3. Menu 3: Grilled meat (chicken or pork or beef) with side dish (baked potato or smash potato or peas or rice) and one vegetable salad (boiled or grilled or fresh). The advice is to choose fresh vegetable because are rich in fibers that will help you in the weight loss process.

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4. Menu 4: Two eggs omelet with fat-free ham, mushrooms, one spoon with yellow cheese and one green fresh salad.

5. Menu 5: One Caprese salad made from 125 gr mozzarella, two tomatoes, 1 teaspoon of pesto, 2 slices of focaccia or one rye bread slice.

6. Menu 5: One big soup with or without meat and vegetables. For a fast weight loss it is important to eat the soup without cream.

7. Menu 7: 6-8 pcs of Sushi with one big salad.

8. Menu 8: One big slice of roast beef with one cabbage salad and one slice of rye bread.Weight Loss Recipes For Lunch

9. Menu 9: One portion of Carpaccio prepared with fresh beef, parmesan, arugula, olive oil and vinegar and two slices of focaccia.

10. Menu 10: Two slices of bread greased with mustard or radish and two slices of grilled meat and one big salad.

I give you teen weight loss recipes lunch from where you can choose and if you think that you need more weight loss recipes you can keep the main idea from the above menus and create new ones.

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