Weight Loss Dinner Recipes

Weight Loss Dinner Recipes
Weight Loss Dinner Recipes

Weight loss dinner recipes is the last stage in this simple and effective weight loss diet program. You arrived at the end of the road after you consolidated the diet with weight loss breakfast and lunch recipes  and now it’s time to present to you the last stage of this healthy lifestyle.

These weight loss dinner recipes will serve you in your journey to lose weight and also will release you from the pain caused by the time spent finding some menus for the next days. Using these weight loss dinner recipes you will have an effective weight loss diet without headaches.

Not only that these weight loss dinner recipes are very easy to prepare, not expensive but are also healthy dinner recipes to weight loss.

Weight Loss Dinner Recipes

Below you will find 15 menus proposals for healthy dinner recipes to weight loss. You will see that these weight loss dinner recipes are very easy to prepare and very tasty.

Menu 1: One big fish salad prepared with: all kinds of green leaves, carrot and celery, bell pepper, cucumber, tomato, 2 spoons with corn, 1 boiled egg, 8 green olives and 1 fish can.

Menu 2: One big chicken salad prepared with: tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, red or green onion, hot peppers (not too hot), 6 olives, one teaspoon of parmesan and one half of smoked chicken breast. We can replace the chicken breast with 3 or 4 slices of smoked salmon. It’s up to you to choose the main ingredient in this weight loss dinner recipe.

Menu 3: One chicken leg or chicken breast with a vegetable side dish. The side dish is prepare from sliced grilled vegetables served with a sauce made from one teaspoon of parmesan, 2 spoons of cream (12% fat), 1 small cup of hot milk and herbs.

Menu 4: One fish (not to big) prepared in oven with herbs and a drop of oil or butter. You can serve with grilled vegetables or boiled vegetables.

Menu 5: One pork fillet or half pork tenderloin prepared on grill served with 4 or 5 spoons of cooked cabbage in tomatoes sauce and one hot pepper.

Menu 6: One piece of grilled salmon served with boiled asparagus or broccoli and Dutch sauce.

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Menu 7: One piece of grilled beef served with grilled vegetable salad. The salad is prepared from grilled eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, peppers and one teaspoon of butter.

Menu 8: One soup made from fat-free meat and vegetables. The recommendation is not to use beans, pasta, rice and potato to make the soup, use the rest of the vegetables.

Menu 9: One chicken leg or breast prepared on grill and one big cabbage salad. It will be a fresh and easy to prepare weight loss recipe.

Menu 10: One big salad (tomato, cucumber, bell peppers, green salad) with one slice of cheese and one teaspoon of pesto sauce.

Menu 11: One white fish cooked in oven with tomato, olives, mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, eggplant and basil.

Menu 12: One big salad (green salad, bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, onion) with one piece of cooked cheese (in oven over one slice of cracker).

Menu 13: One vegetable dish with fat-free meat (chicken with green beans or chicken with spinach, etc.).

Menu 14: One sardine can in tomato sauce. The Sardine you put over one dish of boiled vegetables.

Menu 15: One fish Carpaccio with fresh vegetables. You can choose green salad, arugula, cherry, etc.Weight Loss Dinner Recipes

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You have above 15 weight loss dinner recipes from where to choose and also if you feel the need to improvise, you can change the recipes with other vegetables or other kind of meat and also the help of an amazing and effective weight loss product to be sure that the results will come.

The main idea is to eat vegetables and try to have dishes prepared with less oil or not to heavy. It is good for your weigh to take fresh dishes prepared with less sauce, oil and butter and not fried in oil. Try to prepare the recipes on grill or boiled and from fat-free meat.

This weight loss dinner recipes will help you to appreciate the fresh and well prepared foods and the most important will help you to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


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