Weight Loss Breakfast Recipes

Weight Loss Breakfast Recipes
Weight Loss Breakfast Recipes

I want to share with you some weight loss breakfast recipes, because our greatest desire is to have a nice, lean and shaped body with no fat and cellulite and in the same time to eat our favorite tasty foods. Any one of us desires to have a lean body without making any compromise.

Only the thought that we should take a diet and renounce at our favorite food, makes the process much more difficult and after a few days make us to renounce at the diet program. This discontinued diet program makes our body more resistant to the diet programs.

These weight loss recipes not only that will help you to achieve a lean body and be relaxed with you weight but also are very tasty, easy to make and healthy weight loss recipes for breakfast.

These healthy weight loss recipes for breakfast will bring together all that every person wants: Eat and lose weight in the same time.

We will start with the weight loss breakfast recipes, since it’s the most important meal of the day.
I will present to you simple breakfast weight loss recipes, easy to prepare and very useful in fast weight loss program.

These weight loss  breakfast recipes will make the dieting process more pleasant and efficient due to the wide range of foods and flavors from were to choose. You will not be conditioned, you will be only guided through the weight loss breakfast recipes for fast weight loss result.

These healthy weight loss breakfast recipes are very goods ides for daily menus and will help you to simplify the day and clear your daily program.

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Weight Loss Breakfast Recipes IDEAS

Weight Loss Breakfast Recipes
Weight Loss Breakfast Recipes

Menu 1. One small fat-free yogurt (150 gr) and sliced banana. These two breakfast foods will help you to receive calcium, calcium, potassium, vitamins, essential elements for a good start of the day.
Menu 2. Two fried eggs or omelet (without oil), one toast bread, one tomato and 1 cucumber. These breakfast foods will provide you the needed energy to start the day.
Menu 3. One cereal bar and one glass of fat-free milk (250 ml). These breakfast foods will give you energy during all day due to the fact that cereals are long-term energy provider.
Menu 4. Handful of cereals with one fat-free yogurt (150 gr) or with fat-free milk (200 ml).
Menu 5. Two slices of fat-free ham, one slice of rye bread, one tomato and one green pepper.
Menu 6. Three crackers with half of ricotta, one green pepper and 1 cucumber.
Menu 7. Two boiled eggs, one toast bread, 6 olives and 1 tomato.
Menu 8. One small bagel smeared with butter or mustard, two slices of smoked chicken breast and four pickles cucumber.
Menu 9. One slice of bread, one slice of cheese, one tomato and one cucumber.
Menu 10. One fruit dish: one banana, two kiwi, 2 slices of pineapple and ten strawberries.
Menu 11. Four crackers with one small cheese crème, one green pepper and one cucumber.
Menu 12. One slice of rye bread with two slices of smoked salmon, one soft-boiled egg and lettuce leaves.
Menu 13. One small yogurt, 6 almonds, 4 nuts, 5 dry fruits (plums, apricots, etc.) These breakfast foods will give you calcium, vitamins and more important fibers to help you in the diet program.
Menu 14. Half of cottage cheese package, one spoon of 12% fat cream, one teaspoon of fresh dill and 4 crackers.
Menu 15. One cottage cheese, one slice of rye bread, one green pepper and one cucumber.

These healthy weight loss recipes for breakfast will help you to gain time in the morning and also will help you to start a healthy diet program that in short time should become a healthy lifestyle for you.


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Combine all the above elements and information (weight loss breakfast recipes followed by weight loss lunch and dinner recipes and the hunger suppressant) and you transform your body very fast and you will have a nice lean with no cellulite body and a normal eating activity. You don’t have to starve to have a shaped body, you have to approach the situation with the smart tools.

These breakfast recipes should be followed by the weight loss lunch recipes  and by weight loss dinner recipes for an effective and fast weight loss results.

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