The Dukan Diet: Eat And Lose Weight


The Dukan Diet: Eat And Lose WeightDr. Pierre Dukan is the most known nutritionist due to his work over 30 years. After many extraordinary results with his patients, Dr. Dukan publish the book that will become one of the most read book in the world, after Harry Potter, “Je ne said pas maigrir”, as is originally call in French, and so the Dukan diet become also one of the most used diets.

The book that will be known as “Dukan diet plan” is the result of thirty years of research and practice and the reference book for his diet method.

One of the reasons why the book had such big success, except of quality of the information and the extraordinary results obtained by those who follow it, is that YOU CAN EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!

Yes, it is true, in the Dukan diet you can eat in any quantities you want and still have great results and obtain a slim and healthy body. Following this diet plan you will lose weight and having great meals in the same time.

Using the Dukan diet plan not only that you will lose weight fast and in a healthy way, but also it is a healthy life style that will help you not to gain back the lost kilos after the diet is finish.

The Dukan diet plan is composed from 4 phases, equally important:

1. Dukan Diet Phase 1: ATTACK PHASE

This phase is the first one that will start the war with the extra kilos and will help you to lose weight. In the Dukan diet Attack phase you will consume only protein.

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2. Dukan Diet Phase 2: CRUSE PHASE

The Cruse phase is leading to your true weight. During this phase the pure proteins are alternated with protein accompanied by vegetables.

3. Dukan Diet Phase 3: CONSOLIDATION PHASE

The Consolidation phase is the most vulnerable phase, because during this phase your body can gain back the lost kilos. This phase will be held according with the lost kilos in the previous phases. For each lost kilo, you will follow 10 days of consolidation phase.

4. Dukan Diet Phase 4: STABILIZATION PHASEThe Dukan Diet: Eat And Lose Weight

This last phase of Dukan diet will help you to maintain the obtained weight and not to put back the extra kilos. The studies showed that we need a permanent diet plan that will help us to have the dreamed body. This phase is based on 3 simply, concrete, easy but non-negotiable measures: one day per week you will eat only proteins, you will forget about the elevators and each morning you will eat 3 spoons with oatmeal.

In order to obtain all the needed details regarding the Dukan Phases and also to find the allowed foods for each phase, please click here.

The success of the diet depends also on your strengths to respect and follow the guidelines and not to cheat in some phases. In your help is coming Phen 375, a hunger suppressant that will help you to control your appetite and will give you the needed support to lose the extra kilos.

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