The Banana Diet Plan


The Banana DietThe Banana diet  invented by the Japanese is the simplest  and easy to take diet from all diets and more food permissive compared with Banana and Milk Diet. Also called the Japanese Banana Diet, this amazing diet was invented by Hitoshi si Sumiko, both scientists studying medicine and pharmacy. The Banana diet based on the consumption of bananas and one glass of water (room temperature) at breakfast will help you to lose up too 4,5 kilos per week.

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The bananas are rich in vitamins (B6, C) potassium and fibers and it helps to pump the metabolism and stimulates the digestion.  Also, due to the fact that the bananas are rich in fibers, gives you the feeling of fullness and also stops the absorption of carbs in the body.

The Banana Diet Plan

The Banana diet plan is very easy. Daily, at the breakfast you have to consume bananas with one glass of water. You can consume up to 3 bananas (medium size) with one glass of water (250 ml). The water should be at the room temperature.

For the rest of the meals you do not have any restriction, you can eat what you want, but for good results it’s good to take care to eat healthy (less carbs and more vegetables with grill meat).

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The Banana Diet rulesThe Banana Diet

1.       At breakfast you have to eat only bananas (2 or 3 medium size bananas)  with one glass of water at room temperature (no coffee for breakfast);

2.       The bananas should to be fresh and not cooked;

3.       The dinner should be served before 20:00;

4.       The alcohol, tobacco, sweets  and dairy products are forbidden;

5.       The only allowed drink is water;

6.       Bedtime no later than 24:00.


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  1. neel says

    huhhhh what is this
    ratheir thn u said
    u can take one glass of milk
    and now u said only water allowed
    so please tell me wich is correct.

    1. effeadmin says

      Hello Neel,

      The Banana Diet is with banana and glass of water in the morning at breakfast and in rest (lunch and dinner almost anything – no sugar, smoking, etc) and the Banana and Milk diet is with milk and banana. This diets are 2 different diets, one is more restrictive (The Banana and Milk diet) and one allows you to eat more foods during the diet period (The Banana Diet). Please study both and choose the one that you think that is more suitable for you.

      Wish you good results!

  2. misky says

    What if im working night shift?

    1. effeadmin says

      Hello Miskly,

      Normally, you should take the same quantities and the same ingredients. But if, you do not fell well, you can add another meal with a grill low fat meat (chicken breast, fish, etc).

      Wish you well.

  3. Ali says

    I am a smoker so what should I do?

    1. effeadmin says


      yes, you can try it!

      Good results!