Night Eating Syndrome


Night Eating SyndromeHow to stop night eating syndrome if food is all what you dream about? You don’t live to eat, you eat to live! This should be very clear in your mind when you wake up late in night and open the fridge and take a “bite” to calm your mind and have a better slip.

Control and balance, those are the words that you should have in mind all the time. Control the hunger in order to control your health and weight. Suppress the appetite for unhealthy foods and for eating late at night.

It’s not easy to have control over your appetite, hunger and cravings, but with small steps and control you should learn how to stop night eating syndrome.

You are fooling yourself by thinking that with food you solve your problems and that after a big portion of cake the problem will disappear. You are saying all the time that “that” ice-cream is the last one. But NO, is not the last one and no, your problems will not disappear. Live in present and open your eyes, you have night eating syndrome and you cannot stop it and that will ruin your life.

Steps To Stop Night Eating Syndrome

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1. Wake up and be aware about your condition and your actions. Don’t live in a made up world in which you don’t see the truth; you suffer from night eating syndrome.

2. Have a correct life and face your problems with courage and calm. If you eat doesn’t mean that problem disappear, means that you are hiding in food, and you are dealing the solution by eating late at night.

3. Ask yourself the big question: Why I am eating? I have a real need of food in order to function or I am trying to compensate for something else. You will see that 70 % from time you will eat because we are scary, lonely, have a problem, you are bored and other reasons except real need of food. Try to be honest with yourself and suppress your hunger and eat only to function and not to solve your frustration.

4. Healthy foods in your fridge and home. How to suppress appetite and stop night eating syndrome when your fridge is full of sweets, snacks and junk food? Clean your fridge and throw all the junk food and buy only healthy food that will not put in dangers your health and weight.

5. Stop night eating syndrome by having a clear and fix eating schedule. Choose a healthy diet with 3 healthy meals per day, and take the last meal no later than 7 PM.

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