Montignac Diet – Lose Weight Easy and Fast


Montignac Diet – Lose Weight Easy and FastMontignac diet is one of the few diets that besides helping us lose weight propose us a balanced healthy lifestyle and prevent the type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This diet was invented by Michel Montignac and represents an innovative way to lose weight and maintain weight without the fear of re-accumulation of the kilos after we get rid of them.

The Montignac diet is structured in two phases: weight loss – or phase 1 and weight maintenance – or phase 2.

This marvelous diet proposes to us principles that are simple and easy to follow: three meals / day, to separate the carbohydrates from fat and to eliminate the “bad” carbohydrates for good. All this things, without limiting the amount of food or calories that we eat. In other words, eat as much as you please from the allowed food!

The Montignac diet and the concept of Glycemic index

Michel Montignac classifies foods according with their glycemic index (GI). This measures the ability of glucides to increase the glucose level.
Montignac classify the glycemic index (GI) in three categories:

• Low GI: lower or equal with 35 (beer, sugar, flour, rice, bananas, pizza, papaya, ketchup, popcorn, soft drinks (cola), chips, polenta, flour semi-integral, rye bread, black bread, corn, pineapple in syrup)

• Medium GI: between 35 and 50 (kiwi, pineapple, mango, whole rice, pasta, whole apple juice (no sugar), whole grains, coconut, toast, green bananas, grapes, prunes, carrot juice)

High GI: higher than 50 (dried apricots, oranges, plums, apples, peaches, celery, yogurt, cottage cheese, carrots, tangerines, clementine, skim milk, soy milk, pears, grapefruit, tomatoes, turnips, sugar-free marmalade, soy flour, hummus, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, pumpkin seeds, soy yogurt, lemon juice without sugar, cocoa powder, crustaceans (lobster, crawfish, crab), vinegar, spices (pepper, parsley, oregano, basil, cinnamon, vanilla), meat (beef, chicken), tea, coffee (no sugar), seafood).

The two phases of Montignac diet

1. Losing weight.

This first phase will help you to lose the extra kilos using a simple and easy to follow menu or food combination. Depending on the kilos that you want to lose, you can choose from the following menus:

Menus containing mainly protein-lipid foods, based on meat and fish with low glycemic index (under 35)

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Menus containing mainly glucido-protein foods based of food with poly and monounsaturated fat from which is missing the saturated fat. It will be consumed the foods with glycemic index under 50.

Daily menu must be composed of three main meals: a hearty breakfast, normal lunch, a light dinner and two snacks. Fruits should be consumed with half an hour before meals. Sugar and white bread are absolutely forbidden in this phase of Montignac diet, as well as flour (potato, rice, pasta, etc.) And also alcohol is forbidden. As for coffee, you can opt for the no caffeine. Do not exist preset menus. The allowed foods can be combined in the way everyone wants, keeping the recommendation not to associate, at the same table, carbohydrates with fats or with animal protein.

2. Maintaining the weight.Montignac Diet – Lose Weight Easy and Fast

In this step of the Montignac diet you must focus on maintaining the weight you managed to get in the first phase. You have larger freedom in choosing your food, but still must be very careful and not make food excess. Here are some rules to be observed at this stage:

– should eat bread only for breakfast and opt only for the integral;
– continue to eat light meat and fish;
– drink only skim milk;
– do not eat sugar;
– still avoid alcohol. In this phase is allowed to consume wine in moderation;
– drink daily 2 liters of water;
– be careful to the sweets. Although in this phase are allowed you have to eat in moderation. Ideally, you should replace them with fruit.

Pros and Cons


The principles of the Montignac diet (no sugar, avoiding high glycemic index foods, alcohol, plus a diet rich in complex carbohydrates, protein, vegetable fat, fiber) can become rules of a healthy lifestyle, to which all of us are aspiring. Also, this diet is very easy to follow and can be held successfully by people with active lives.


There must be a balance between nutrients brought daily in your food menu, or it may increase cardiovascular risk in case of high consumption of saturated fat or can cause feelings of fatigue in case of a low-carbohydrate complex.

Tips for an easy and controlled Montignac diet

Is very important to start to eat respecting the above principles but must important is to achieve to follow the Montignac diet without deviation from the plan. We all know how hard is to follow a diet and also to renounce at our favorite foods.
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