Low Carb Weight Loss Diets


Low Carb Weight Loss DietsLow Carb Weight Loss General Information

The low carb weight loss diets are based on the low consumption of the carbohydrates because are considered enemies of the body and a high consumption can increase the weight of the body. According with these diets, the carbohydrates help the body to eliminate insulin in the system leading to a weight increase.

Are two main low carb weight loss diets that are were known in the world and that are very used by people to lose weight. The Atkins diet and South Beach diet are very well known for their results in the weight loss field.

Both diets are based on the limitation of the carbs in the daily diet leading to weight loss. Both Atkins diet and South Beach diet is structured in more phases. This two low carb weight loss diets are focused first to lose weight and after that to use the body with the new diet and in the end to consolidate the results.

Low Carb Weight Loss South Beach Diet

The low carb South Beach diet is structured in 3 phases. The last phase is to maintain the lost pounds and to assure that you will not gain back the lost weight.

The concept of the low carb weight loss South Beach diet is that some carbs are good for the body but only the „good” ones. Also, in the South Beach diet the consumption of fat is allowed, but also only the „good” ones.

South Beach Phases

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South Beach Phase 1: during this phase you have to eat 3 main meals per day and 2 snacks. The allowed foods are only those low in carbs. You should print a food chart in order to be easier for you.

South Beach Phase 2: during this phase we will increase the allowed categories. We add some fruits, whole bread and whole pasta in the daily diet. Also during this phase we will learn what foods are good for our diet and increase our weight.

South Beach Phase 3: once that we achieved the wanted weight we will start the low carb weight loss phase 3. The learn information from the first 2 phases will be very useful for you in order to build an individual and personal diet plan.

South Beach FoodsLow Carb Weight Loss Diets

Allowed: lean meat, eggs, cheese, nuts, beans, tofu, vegetables

Forbidden: bread, rice, potatoes, pasta (except phase 2 and 3), fruits (except phase 2 and 3), pastry products, sugar and alcohol


Whatever low carb weight loss diet you choose, you should know that patience and sports are also very important for good results. Combine the low carb weight loss diet with a daily sport schedule and you will see that the results will come faster.

Also, for better results you should try also a weight loss product that will help you during the dieting period and also after. Chose one product that will suppress you appetite, increase you metabolism and also burn faster you fat and you will see that the work will be easier. You can choose for Phen 375 pills or Kou Tea delicious natural tea. You can choose one of those 2 amazing products that help people from all over the world to lose weight and bring the body weight to normal and to make them fill better.


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