Lose Weight For Summer: Foods And Tricks


Lose Weight For Summer: Foods And TricksSummer is here, and it’s great! But, what are we doing with our extra kilos and the fat that we gain during the cold season? With determination we will fix our problem and lose weight for summer in a healthy way!

We still have a few weeks in which we can change our lifestyle and have an effective weight loss.

During the cold season we change our food behavior and increase the quantity of fat foods and also increase the number of calories consumed at one meal.

It is not wrong to have more than 3 meals per day, but it is very wrong to have more than 3 main meals per day.

Now, when the season of fresh fruits and vegetables starts, we have the possibility to take all the best from nature. This way, we can start by changing the food behavior with a healthy lifestyle that will help you to lose weight for summer.

Beside the summer foods and the recipes presented, I will share with you some summer tricks that will help you to lose weight for summer in a healthy way and to achieve the self-confidence that you need.

o Three snacks per day

We can have two main meals and three snacks per day. What it is important is the quality of the foods. For the main meals we can have one soup and summer salad with grill meat and for snacks you should take always some fresh fruits or fresh vegetables. Do not eat for snacks prepared meals or big quantities.

It is very important to take the snacks (one banana, one apple, carrot salad, peanuts, etc), because in this way you will force your body to work and also you will not starve till next main meal.

Remember, eat 3 fresh, small snacks per day if you want to lose weight for summer!

o Change the fat foods with summer foods

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Summer allows us to change our food behavior. Try to get rid of the fat foods and replace it with fresh summer foods that will help you to have a healthy weight loss process.

Now it’s the season of grill meat, healthy salads, fresh vegetables soup, and juicy fresh fruits. Forget about the fat foods from the winter and try this healthy summer foods.

o Enjoy the summer days

Summer is beautiful and it’s a peaty if you do not enjoy every day. Go in park, walk and see the city, try to have as many as possible activities outside and in this way not only that you will feel better mentally but also you will do exercises and will lose weight in a healthy way.

Remember, 30 minutes of daily walking and you will lose weight for summer!

o Summer foods for a healthy weight lossLose Weight For Summer: Foods And Tricks

Fruits. Try to bring in your daily diet the fresh fruits. In this way you will take many vitamins and most important fibers. Fibers will help you to eliminate the toxins from your body and also to have a faster weight loss. You can try apples, peaches, apricots, raspberries, blueberries, cherries, cherry, avocado, etc.

Vegetables. These foods are rich in fibers and many of them do not have or have low calories level. You can change your food behavior and bring in your daily diet vegetables if you want to have an effective weight loss. Lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, green onions are only a few examples of vegetables that you can consume.

Fresh juice. The sodas from the market are dangerous for your diet. Try to replace all the soda with water, fresh juice made from fruits or smoothie made from fruits and green vegetables. In this way you will bring in your body vitamins and you will reduce the level of sugar. The sodas are full of sugar and will destroy your diet.

During the hot season we are more exposed to the people criticism and we want to look shaped and healthy. We have to change our food behavior and bring in our daily diet healthy, fresh summer foots that will help us to have an effective weight loss.

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