Light Spring Desserts That Won’t Destroy Your Diet


Light Spring Desserts That Won’t Destroy Your DietWho is not excited about the coming of the worm season and it’s wonderful benefits? Spring coming is a bless for us for so many reasons: everything come back to life, the weather is sunny and worm, the plants and flower are green again and our body will receive the needed vitamins and minerals in a natural way. Now it’s the perfect time to learn some light spring desserts with low calories that will not destroy your diet.

After a long winter in which we consumed most of the time processed food and especially meat, it is a bless for us that the Spring is coming.

Now, what we have to do is to change our food behaviour and try a lighter diet. It is true, we can not change from one day to another and we can not force our body to renounce at everything, but with belief and with the help of Spring fruits we can succeed.

One of the hardest part for you will be to renounce at the sweets that you consumed during the cold days. Even if you will try very hard and succeed, it is a petty not to continue to eat some sweets. But, the smart approach is to eat sweets that are not affecting your diet and also will give you vitamins and energy and helps you to achieve a fit body perfect for Summer.

Let’s look at some perfect light spring desserts that will help you to gain the desired weight and also to give you the natural vitamins and minerals.

All this light spring desserts are made from fruits rich in vitamins and therapeutic properties.

Light Spring Desserts For Your Diet

Home Made Peach Crumble – the 1st light spring dessert recommended

Peaches are in season, you can find them during May -October and nothing will make your taste buds happier than a fresh bowl of peach crumble. Prepare this dish on your own so that you can control the ingredients that go in along with the fat and calories.

To prepare it, cut up some fresh peaches and place them in a bowl. In another bowl on the side, mix together some dry oats (roasted if you prefer), a few tablespoons of light butter, along with some low calorie sweetener. This should turn the oats into a crumbly texture, which you’re then going to place over the peaches.

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Top this with a few dollops of unsweetened applesauce and then some low-sugar vanilla yogurt if desired and make the perfect the perfect light spring desserts for your guests.

Jell-O Berry Parfait

The second light spring dessert to consider adding to your diet plan is the Jell-O berry parfait. This one will provide you with an excellent dose of vitamin C, fiber, as well as antioxidants to help fend off disease.

To prepare it, make a box of sugar-free Jell-O according to the package directions and then once set, top with fresh blackberries, blueberries, or strawberries.

Serve this with some whipped topping made yourself from a dry powder mix and skim milk and you’ll have an eye pleasing dessert to serve to any dinner guests you may have over.

Strawberries Salad

These light spring desserts it can be the perfect surprise for you guests but also for your family. It is very easy to prepare and contains vitamins, fibers, antioxidants ant and helps you to adjust your weight.

To prepare it, cut some fresh strawberries (500 g) and place them in a bowl. From 1 glass of red wine, 250 g of brown sugar or dietetic sugar and the scraped peel from ½ lemon you prepare a dense syrup by boiling at small heat. When the syrup is ready you pour it over the strawberries and put the bowl in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours.

I will give you a tip how can you use the leaves from the strawberries. After you washed the leaves you can use them to prepare a delicious and healthy tea that you can serve during the dessert.

By starting with this delicious light spring desserts and renouncing at the oldest ones it will be easier for you to change your food style formed during winter.

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