How To Stop Eating So Much?


How To Stop Eating So Much?Not only that I know about this problem, but I also experienced it. “How to stop eating so much?” and “How to stop emotional eating?” are questions that are very well known by me.

A few years ago I had to do a lot of changes in my life, changes that I was not happy to do. I cannot say that were the biggest problems in the world, but for me and my emotional balance were big and changed my life.

In a short period of time I change almost everything in my life, and this fast changes affected my emotional spirit. Not only that I started to eat more, but I started to eat late in night, to eat more sweets and to become addicted to food.

From a normal active life and 110 pounds I become a changed person. I was eating a lot and gain 38 pounds but I was also depressed.

How To Stop Eating So Much When You Don’t Realize The True?

You can’t!

At the beginning I didn’t sow what I was doing and I full myself by buying a new shirt and pants. Everyone told me that I gain weight, but for me was not true.

After a period I went in a small holiday and took some pictures. The moment of true for me was when I looked at the pictures and I so my face, my body and especially my clothes; much bigger in order to cover the fat. So, in order to start the change you have to start by seeing you as you are and to realize that you gain weight and you are eating emotional.

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How To Stop Eating So Much After You Realize The True?

It was the first step for me: I realized my emotional eating, eating disorder, that I have with 38 pounds more and I’m hiding the true under some big clothes and from a normal person I become a frustrated, depressed person.

After I so the true I started to work to my changes in life. I started to make order in my emotions, to stop eating sweets because I realized that I’m eating because of my stress and disordered life.

It is easier to answer to the question of how to stop eating so much when you realize that you have a problem. The first step was made and I had to continue with my emotions, eating style and exercises.

After I realized that my life is not so bad and the made changes were not so bad, I started to control my eating and eat healthy things. I stopped with sweets, junk foods, fat foods and all what before I was eating only because of the stress. I do not say that was easy to change, no. If before I was eating 2 chocolate bar per night know I was eating one apple and it was not enough.

I struggled and I had the will, but also I had the help of a hunger control pill, because sometime it seems that you will not succeed with the change. I can say, that after I started to take the pill, I controlled much, much more easily the hunger, I was not nervous anymore because of the hunger and also I lose weight easier. I recall even now the moment when I put on a pair of jeans that before I was able to dress up only to my knees. It was a moment of joy for me and I cannot believe that I was able to were again the clothes that I had before that awful period.

How To Stop Eating So Much Advices

o First you have to realize that you have a problem
o Identify the problem and start to resolve it
o Start to eat healthy with no junk food and sweets
o Have the meals at regular hours and with small healthy snacks between the meals
o Have patience and a lot of will
o Look at some pictures with you knew weight and you will become motivated. Don’t give up!
o Take a help from the weight loss products. For me was wonderful that I had this help, I get over the nervous moments and I controlled my hunger.

Phen 375 and Kou Tea can provide you the help that you need. First and more important will help you to control your hunger, your appetite for food and sweets but also will help you to change the metabolism and burn the fat. The answer for the big question how to stop eating so much is simple, realize the problem, resolve your problem and get some help in order to control your hunger. For me it worked and I found the answer to the question of how to stop eating so much, so I highly recommend it also for you.


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