How To Reduce Bloating


How To Reduce BloatingIf you are feeling like a balloon for sure is not a pleasant situation and anything that you will wear that day it will feel awkward on you. So, we have to learn how to reduce bloating in order to have a normal day and not to feel embarrassed about this situation.

What Can Cause Bloating?

– Fast eating and the food is not chewed

– The consumption of sodas, mineral water, etc.

– The consumption of some foods such as: beans, broccoli, Brussels cabbage, dairy, apples, peaches, plums, chewing-gum.

The above factors can lead to a gas accumulation and make you feel uncomfortable.

How To Reduce Bloating

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1. You should avoid the above bloating foods if you want to reduce bloating.

2. Take probiotic, known as good bacteria that help the digestion and prevent the gas accumulation. The probiotic can be taken as food supplement or you can consume foods that contain it (pickles, yogurt)

3. Eat some asparagus because their steams help the digestion process.

4. Eat papaya and pineapple to help the digestion of foods.

5. Try to consume insoluble fibers instead of soluble fibers.

6. If have to eat slowly and to chew the food in order to avoid to swallow air.

7. After meal is good to go for a slow walk. Walking is very good for digestion.

8. Consume tea for a better digestion. You should try Kou Tea that will help you also to lose weight by burning the fat and improve the metabolism.

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