How To Maintain Weight After Diet


How To Maintain Weight If you finally achieved the dreamed weight after months of diet and gym work you should know how to maintain weight after diet before breathe relieved and start eating disordered.

If you don’t pay attention and you don’t know how to maintain weight after diet, not only that you’re risking to gain back the lost kilos but also to assimilate more kilos than before and also to have some medical problems.

The last studies showed that from 20 people who have lost kilos through diet only 1 succeed to maintain the new weight after renounced at the diet. The others 19 in a very short period of time gain back the kilos. These are good reasons to start to take actions and to discover how to maintain weight after diet.

How To Maintain Weight After Diet

1.       Hydration Is Essential

The first step to maintain weight after diet is very easy to follow. Hydration is crucial in the weight loss and to maintain the weight. Drink daily 2 liters of water and you will see that your food appetite will reduce and you will feel better. Also, beside water you can drink plenty of tea, especially green tea that is a natural diuretic and antioxidant that helps in weight loss.

For better results in weight loss, detox the body and reduce the hunger you can try a special tea combination, 100% natural that helps in weight loss, fat burning fat and appetite suppression. The difference between a normal tea and this tea (Kou Tea) is that Kou Tea was specially created in the needed dosage and combinations (green tea, white tea, oolong tea and pu-erh tea) to give the best results in a shorter time.

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2.       Pay Attention To The Calories

This is another important step in how to maintain weight after diet. It is true, after diet everybody wants to eat forbidden foods. But, this is a risky decision that can lead to weight gain very fast.

Yes, you can eat pizza if you desire, but the size matter and also what you eat during the day. Count the calories of what you eat and pay attention also of what you eat. If you decide to eat pizza, eat only one-two slices and for the rest of the day try to eat something with fewer calories (grill, salads, etc). How to maintain the weight after diet? Easy, try to consume less than 1800-2000 calories per day (if you are not a sportive person).

3.       Sport Is A Real Help

Everybody hates sport! But if you want to make your life easier, to maintain weight after diet, to be a healthy person and to increase a litter le amount of calories that you can consume daily, do sport. Sport helps to burn calories, to clean the body, to maintain the good function of your body and reduce the level of health risks. Also, when you do sport you can add some calories in your daily diet and it’s a good way to maintain weight after diet.

4.       Make A Schedule

Other important measure of how to maintain weight after diet is to have a schedule. Even if is not too drastic it’s very important to follow-up your life. It’s important to make sure that you have daily 3 important meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and also that you eat healthy foods (lot of vegetables, fruits, grills, less fried junk food).

If you respect those 4 important steps of how maintain weight after diet and also take advantage of 100% natural Kou Tea you will see that it’s not so complicated to maintain or even to reduce even more weight.

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