Foods That Burn Fat Faster


Foods That Burn Fat FasterThe studies showed that the consumption of some kind of foods burn fat faster and helps to lose weight.

Also, combining fat-burning foods with “good” fatty foods such salmon, avocado or nuts, you will have better and faster results in your weight loss and you will create a balanced diet and maintain a healthy energy level.

Spicy Foods – are the top foods that burn fat faster

According to “100 Ways to Supercharge Your Metabolism,” spicy foods such as jalapenos, cayenne pepper and even mustard may increase the body’s fat-burning abilities.

Each time when you eat spicy foods, it’s stimulates the increased circulation and body temperature, as well as a temporary boost in metabolic rate. The consumption of spicy foods is ideal in the afternoon, when your body needs a boost of energy. Spicies are in the first 3 foodst that burn fat faster, are very effective for your weight loss plan.

Although spicy foods only increase metabolism for a few hours after consumption, they may encourage weight loss in other ways as well. For example, spicy foods can limit overeating, since the spicy taste triggers a feeling of fullness. Of course, dieters with chronic heartburn, stomach ulcers or other intestinal health concerns should avoid spicy foods, which may worsen their condition and cause more harm than good.

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Dairy – foods that burn fat faster second choice

Even if foods such as milk, cheese and butter are usually thought to increase fat levels, they may actually increase the success rate of a fat-burning diet when consumed in moderation.

In a 2004 study at the University of Tennessee, dieters were each assigned a diet that contained 500 fewer calories than their normal diet. They were then divided into three groups: a high-calcium group with high dairy intake; a high-calcium group that used supplements rather than dairy products, and a low-calcium, low-dairy group. The high-dairy group showed the greatest fat loss after 24 weeks as well as overall weight loss. According to Dr. Michael Zemel, director of the study and author of “The Calcium Key,” “It’s clear from our research that the unique combination of essential nutrients in dairy foods has a powerful, positive impact on metabolism and weight loss.” So, if we choose the proper dairy, we can say that dairy are foods that burn fat faster and helps your diet.

Lean Protein – the third proposal for foods that burn fat faster

Lean protein, found in chicken, beef, turkey and pork, increases metabolism and leaves the body with the feeling of fullness. Since protein requires extra energy to digest, eating lean protein leads to a temporary increase in the metabolic rate, as well as immediate calorie-burning.

Mackie Shilstone’s “The Fat Burning Bible” recommends a diet of 30 percent lean protein for maximum weight loss. Lean protein can also be found in soy products, nuts and fish. Always eat meats that are labeled lean, and eat meats in the middle of the day, rather than in the evening, so that all the calories are used by the body. Lean protein are olso on top of foods that burn fat faster.

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