Fiber Diet: Eat And Lose Weight


Fiber Diet: Eat And Lose WeightThe foods that contain fibers are the best for lose weight, so the fiber diet is the best diet choice.

The fibers have the advantages of not being absorbed by the intestines and in this way help us to eliminate the toxins from our body and have a faster weight loss.

Only the natural fibers from the fresh or dry fruits and vegetables or from whole foods (pasta, rice and braid) will really help you to lose weight and maintain in good shape. The fibers added in some foods (such as milk, cheese) will not help you to have a fast weight loss.

The fibers help the intestinal transit to have a normal activity, in this way is eliminated the danger to develop a dangerous disease, such as colon cancer. Fibers helps to transport the cholesterol form your body outside, decreasing this way the possibility to make heart diseases. So, from start the fibers will help you to lose weight fast and also to prevent the colon cancer and heart diseases.

The fibers are also known as indigested carbohydrates with the property of absorbing water making the fecal more fluids and easier to pass through digestive tract and be eliminated. By consuming more fibers we will decrease the time in which the foods are staying in our body and we decrease the danger that the toxins will attack our body. We should consume minimum 35 grams of fibers daily.

I should eat fibers at every meal in order to lose weight?

o For an effective and fast weight loss we should consume fibers daily, to every meal. Changing the nature and provenience of the fibers, we will increase the chance to lose weight.

o At Breakfast you can consume whole braid, one fruit and oat cereals. At lunch and dinner you can eat fresh vegetables, dry vegetables (beans, peas), whole pasta or rice. You can serve one apple tart at desert.

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Which is the ideal fiber quantity in the fiber diet to have a fast weight loss?

o The ideal quantity will be different from one person to another, but for sure we should consume minimum 35 grams of fibers per day if you want to lose weight.

o You can eat minimum 200 grams of vegetables per day (lunch or dinner) and between 1 to 4 fruits per day. Also, if you have to eat starch food choose the whole ones (whole pasta and rice).

Why fiber diet help to lose weight?

o The fruits and vegetables have low calories,
o The fibers needs bigger effort to chew, so we eat slowly and less,
o We stock less calories. When we eat fibers our body decreases the secretion of insulin and the fat is easier elimiFiber Diet: Eat And Lose Weightnated.

The fibers from fruits and vegetables help you to lose weight and also to maintain a good shape for a long time.
A study showed that the persons who are consuming fruits and vegetables have an effective weight loss and have less chance to develop diseases, such us colon cancer or heart problems. So, not only that the fiber diet helps you to lose the extra kiloe, but also maintain you healthy.

Taking the fiber diet, you will eat and lose weight in the same time, and most important you will have a healthy lifestyle.

Bring fibers in your daily diet and you will see how fast you will lose weight and also that you will maintain the new shape for a long time. The persons that are using the fiber diet have an effective weight loss and are more healthy and dynamic.

You have to change the bad habits with new healthy ones and achieve to have daily healthy lifestyle.
Little by little, increase the quantity of the consumed fibers and you will see the results very soon. Beside the fiber diet, choose also a hunger suppressant, such as Phen 375, that will help you to control you hunger, burn the fat and change the bad habits with new healthy ones.

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