Dukan Diet Phase 4: Stabilization Phase


Dukan Diet Phase 4: Stabilization PhaseCongratulation! Not only that you manage to lose the extra kilos and to arrive at the desired weight, but also succeed not to put back the lost kilos in the first two phases. With the help of the Dukan diet phase 4, we will manage to keep our comfortable weight and to avoid putting back the lost kilos by having a healthy life style.

Dukan Diet Phase 4: STABILIZATION

Still, the fight with the kilos is not over, and if we want to stay at this weight, the weight that we build till know and that is very comfortable too us, we have to respect for the rest of our days  the below Dukan diet phase 4 rules.

Dr. Dukan said that by respecting these 3 rules we complete de diet plan and we will not put back the lost kilos and we will keep the dreamed weight.

It is not hard or complicated, takes only discipline!!!!

1. Protein Day

Dr. Dukan advice for good results advice you to keep the Thursday the Protein day for the rest of your life. In this day you will eat like in the Attack phase.

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2. Use the steers

The exercises are very important for your health and body weight. Dr. Dukan advice is to do this exercise due to the fact that when we use the steers we are involving all the important muscle in the body.

3. Daily Oatmeal

The third rule of the diet plan is to continue to eat daily 3 spoons of oatmeal. The Dr. Dukan studies showed that the persons that continued to eat the 3 spoons of oatmeal daily didn’t put back the lost kilos.

As you can see, in the Dukan diet phase 4 you can eat all that you want, except Thursday when you have to eat only protein. In this day you will eat the foods from the Attack phase and in rest you will have a normal diet plan.

For your health and to maintain your new weight without any efforts, Dr. Dukan recommend that you will start the new diet slow, with the foods from Consolidation Phase, and little by little too add new foods in you daily diet plan.

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