Dukan Diet Phase 3: Consolidation Phase


Dukan Diet Phase 3: Consolidation PhaseCongratulation! You manage to pass the first two Dukan phases and to be more close to your dreamed body and a comfortable weight. After that you lost weight during the first two phases, know, with the help of the Dukan Diet Phase 3, we will manage to keep our comfortable weight and to avoid to put back the lost kilos.

Dukan Diet Phase 3: CONSOLIDATION

Once that we lost the extra kilos and achieved the desired and comfortable weight that we wanted so much, it is time to introduce in the diet some foods that were forbidden in the first two Dukan phases.

The key of the Dukan Diet Phase 3 is “the limit”, meaning we will introduce some new foods, but we have to eat in limited quantities. If we will break this rule, your body will gain back the lost kilos.

Duration of the Dukan Diet phase 3

  • For the Consolidation phase we have a fix period: 10 days per each lost kilo.

Allowed foods in the Dukan Diet Phase 3

If in the first two phases we had to limit our range of food and eat only protein or protein with vegetable, now we have the occasion to large our assortment and eat also other foods. The success of this phase is to eat the new foods in limited quantities.

Category 1: Proteins and Vegetables

  • All the foods allowed in the Phase 1 and 2. It is not necessary to alternate protein diet with protein-vegetable diet and you can eat without any limit,
  • Also, in this phase you can eat lamb and pork meat, but try to eat the low fat cuts.

Category 2: Fruits

  • In the Consolidation phase it is allowed to eat one portion of fruit per day (no more than one portion). Some fruits are forbidden, such as bananas, grapes, cherry and dry fruits (peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios). It is recommended to eat the fruits in the first part of the day.

Category 3: Wheat bread

  • In the Consolidation phase it is allowed to eat 2 slices of wheat bread (not white bread). You can eat the wheat bread in any time of the day, also you can do it sandwich with delicatessen.

Category 4: Cheese

  • In the Consolidation phase it is allowed to eat one portion (40 grams) of hard cheese, such as Bonbel, Gouda. It’s not recommended the Camembert and Roquefort cheeses.
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Category 5: Starch Foods

  • The Consolidation phase is divided in 2 sub phases like this; no. of lost kilos*10 = the no. of days that you have to take in Consolidation phase. The first half part of those total days will be Part 1, and the remaining days will be Part 2.

Egg. You have lost 5 kilos, so: 5*10 = 50 days to take in Consolidation. The first 25 dasy are Part 1, the remaining 25 days will be part 2.

  • In Part 1 is allowed to eat 1 portion of starch foods per week and in Part 2 are allowed 2 portions per week.

Allowed Starch foods

  • Pasta: one portion means 220 grams. Try to prepare them without oil,
  • Couscous, polenta, bulgur: one portion means 200 grams. Do not eat them with butter, oil, sour cream,
  • Lens/Peas: one portion means 220 grams. Try to prepare them without oil,
  • Rice/Potatoes: for rice is 150 grams if is white and 220 grams if is whole. The potatoes can be prepared with or without the peel, but not French fries. Do not use oil or fat to prepare them.

On top of the above categories and new allowed foods, in the Dukan diet phase 3 we are allowed at two special treatments, such as:

Feast Meal

  • In the Part 1 of the  Dukan diet phase 3 it is allowed to have one Fest Meal per week and in the Part 2 of the phase are allowed two Fest meals per weeks,
  • A Fest Meal means that once per day (breakfast or lunch or dinner) you can have a complete meal with appetizer, entree and dessert,
  • In order to have good results are 2 conditions for the fest meal:

– Never eat more than one portion from one course (means only one appetizer with one entrée and one dessert, never eat 2 desserts, etc),
– Never take 2 consecutive Fest Meals day (let one or 2 days between the days with fest meals).

Protein day

  • The second special treatment is that once per week you have to eat only protein, like in the Attack phase. It is recommended to take this day Thursday.

Dukan Diet Phase 3 Advices

  • Eat the allowed foods from the Attack and Cruise phases,
  • Drink 1,5 liters of water per day,
  • Eat daily two spoons with oatmeal,
  • 25 minutes of daily walking,
  • You can eat a daily portion fruit (except bananas, grapes and cherry),
  • You can eat 2 slices of wheat bread per day, 40 grams of cheese per day and 2 portions of starch foods per week,
  • You can have 2 fest meals per week,
  • It is mandatory to have 1 day per week only with protein, like in Attack phase (recommended Thursday),
  • Do not skip over this phase of the Dukan diet, it’s essential.

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To have access to the Dukan Phase 4: Stabilization Phase, please click here.

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