Dissociated Diet: An Effective Weight Loss Diet


Dissociated Diet: An Effective Weight Loss DietThe dissociated diet or the food groups diet, as it is also known, is one the most popular and used diet due to the fact that deliver results in an effective and fast way.

Many persons recommended the dissociated diet after they use it and said that was easy to take and bring them the needed results very fast.

Regardless the daily care and attention that we give to the food, regardless the efforts that we do, sometimes we need an “emergency” help, and we find this help in the dissociate diet.

For effective weight loss, we should respect the rules and the food groups of the dissociated diet.

Rules of the dissociated diet

  1. You should take the last meal before 7 PM. It is very important to give space and time to your body to work properly before going to bed.

  2. Even if you have the impression that it helps and offers you the impression that you eat more, try not to drink water before and during the meal. If you will do, the water will slow down the digestion.

  3. Respect the 3 meals per day principle. If you will eat 3 meals per day you will not starve and your body will take enough vitamin and minerals to function normally.

Food Groups in the dissociated diet

Below you fill find the food groups in order to know what and how to combine the foods for fast and effective results. The dissociated diet it is based on the consumption of a single food group during one period of time. For this reason, even if you choose to take the dissociate diet per days or per daily meals (each meal should be from only one food group), you should know the food group very well.

1. Dairy

Luckily if have a very wide range of dairy products from were to choose. Not only that we have possibility from were to choose the menu, the dairy foods are very healthy and with benefits for your body and weight.

2. Fruits

The day when you will consume only fruits will be a true fest for you. You are allowed to eat any kind of fresh fruits. Take as advice that we have to consume with moderation and also try to avoid to eat critics at breakfast.

3. Vegetables.Dissociated Diet: An Effective Weight Loss Diet

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Even of you consume them fresh or boiled, the vegetables are very good for your
diet and also for your health. During this phase of dissociate diet, you will have the possibility to choose from a wide range of vegetables. You can take for breakfast tomatoes, cucumber and broccoli boiled, for lunch potatoes and carrot salad and for dinner you can take a vegetables mixt. Try to avoid the oil and spices when you cook the foods.

4. Meat

It is important to eat also meat during the dissociate diet in order to bring in your diet and body all the needed elements to function properly.

For an effective weight loss is important to eat during the food groups diet only white meat, grilled or boiled.

5. Fish

The fish day is also e very pleasant day from the dissociate diet. You have a wide range of foods from were to choose, are very tasty and will keep your hunger under control. We recommend you to choose grilled or boiled pike, trout or salmon.

6. CerealsDissociated Diet: An Effective Weight Loss Diet

The cereals are rich in fibers and nutrients that will help you to lose weight faster and will make the dissociate diet more effective. You can eat pasta, rice, wheat, corn and any foods made from this. Try to eat whole pasta, rice and wheat, is healthier and will help you to lose weight faster.

The dissociate diet it is easy and have good results among the persons that take it. Beside the above general rules and the foods groups that must be respected, I bring in your help some specials rule that should be also respected if you want results.

Special rules of the dissociate diet

  1. During the food groups diet the consumption of alcohol and coffee it is forbidden.

  2. If you want to prepare a soup, keep in mind that the food mixture that is coming from different groups is forbidden. From this reason should be only vegetable soup or meat soup.

  3. Regardless the duration of the dissociated diet, you should drink enough water.

  4. Keep 3 hours distance between the meals for a proper function of the body.

Maybe the presented rules can give the sensation that the dissociated diet it’d complicated and hard to follow. It reality it is not so hard, and the rules are very important to the success of the diet.

Follow the food groups, the general and special rules and also try a hunger suppressant to help you to control the appetite and you will see the weight loss results very soon. Phen 375 is the hunger suppressant that can help you during and after the dissociated diet and also will help you to accelerate the metabolism for faster fat burning.

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