Cabbage Soup Diet Plan: Lose 1 Kilo Per Day


Cabbage Soup Diet PlanCabbage soup diet plan it’s great: we can enjoy eating good foods and lose weight in the same time. You are tired to be overweight and not be able to wear the clothes you want and you are wondering how to lose 1 kilo per day? Very easy: cabbage soup diet plan and natural weight loss products.

Which Soup Diet Plan Will Help To Lose 1 Kilo Per Day?

Today we will speak about an incredible and easy to make soup: Cabbage Soup.

Not only that it is very easy to prepare and doesn’t need fancy ingredients, but also it is very friendly with your body, especially with your stomach and helps you in your digestions. But, this is not all, most important is that the cabbage soup diet plan will help you to lose up to 1 kilo per day.

The cabbage soup diet plan it is very good because is very healthy and also because will bring you fast results in your weight loss process and will help you, FINALLY, to live your life healthy, slim and beautiful.

No more with the sad faces and lack of energy and life, with cabbage soup diet plan you will be able to enjoy summers, clothes, friends and parties.

How Much You Can Lose With Cabbage Soup Diet Plan?

As I mentioned before, you can lose up to 1 kilo per day during the 7 day cabbage soup. But this is an average, and not all will lose the same. Will depend on your normal diet, your metabolism, how many calories you consumed before, etc. But, even if you will not lose 1 kilo per day, guarantee you will lose more than 500 grams.

How to lose 1 kilo per day? Easy: for better and faster results you can consume during the cabbage soup diet plan and also after a natural weight loss product, that not only that will help you to lose the extra kilos, maintain the weight but also to suppress and reduce the hunger and bust your metabolism.

Drink daily, minimum 2 cups of Kou Tea and you will see immediately the results on your body and heath: lot of energy, less weight, slim body and no more craving.

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Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

As I told you before, this soup is very easy to prepare and you do not need a lot or fancy ingredients.

For the cabbage soup diet recipe you need: 6 big onions, 2 bell peppers, 2 cans of tomatoes, 150 gr. Mushrooms, 3 carrots,  ½ cabbage, 1 bunch of celery (leaves),  pepper, herbs & spices.

Boil the ingredients for 20-30 minutes and the soup is ready. Very easy!

What To Do During And After The 7 days Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

1.       Consume daily cabbage soup for lunch and diner
2.       Avoid salt
3.       No potatoes and sour creme in the cabbage soup
4.       Drink daily 2 liters of water and tea
5.       Avoid 100% sugar, sweets, processed foods (fast food, chips, popcorn), and heavy foods (food with high level of             fat: butter, fat cheese; fried foods, etc.), sodas
6.      Healthy snacks are allowed
7.       Foods allowed: boiled eggs (not more than 3 per week); olives; low-fat cheese; grilled/ boiled fish, chicken, veal;           fresh/ boiled/ grilled vegetables (no potatoes), fruits (not bananas), etc
8.       No more than 1300 calories per day
9.       Drink minimum 2 cups of Kou Tea for better and faster results (during and after the cabbage soup diet plan).

Cabbage Soup Diet Plan Menu ExampleCabbage Soup Diet Plan

Below I present to you a menu example of cabbage soup diet plan that you can try, but according with it, you can adjust and make your own menu.

Breakfast: a small bowl with cereals (35 – 45 grams) with no fat milk or yogurt (100 – 150 ml)
Snack: one apple (150 – 200 gr)
Lunch: cabbage soup (250 gr) and 150 gr chicken breast grilled with green salad (100 gr)
Snack: 4-5 almonds
Diner: cabbage soup (250 gr) and a 250 gr vegetable salad (green salad, tomato, cucumber, red bell, etc) with a teaspoon of olive oil and vinegar.

As you see the cabbage soup diet plan it is a very easy way how to lose up to 1 kilo per day. And if you want to achieve that 1 kilo, you should definitely take and drink daily Kou Tea.
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