Alcohol And Diet


Alcohol And DietIf you are preoccupied with your weight and health and you are wondering what is the relation between alcohol and diet, you will not be pleased to find out that alcohol is bad you your diet and weight. Not only that your weight will be affected but also your health.

Drinking in big quantities is affecting your ability to burn fat so you will gain weight and in the same time your health will be affected. Alcohol and diet is not a good association for you if you want to control your weight and have a healthy life.

Why Alcohol And Diet Don’t Go Together?

1. The first reason why alcohol and diet don’t do together is because alcohol is on 2nd place when it comes to calories. After fat which have 9 calories per gram, alcohol is on 2nd place with 7 calories per gram. So, next time when you want to drink more than one glass of alcohol, think about all those calories that you are consuming and how hard will be for you to burn them.

2.  The second main reason why alcohol and diet don’t do together is because alcohol reduces the body ability to burn fats. Our body is fighting with the fats and according with our activity we are burning fats. But, if we don’t control what we are eating we will bring more fats that our body is capable to burn and when on top of this we are consuming alcohol, will be even more difficult for our body to fight with the fat.

3. Another reason why alcohol and diet don’t do together is that alcohol reduces the will when it comes to food. So, when you will drink you will be more tempted to eat. Also, when you drink you have the disposition to eat junk food and sweets.

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4. Not only that alcohol and diet don’t go together, but also alcohol and health. In big quantities, alcohol is affecting your health. For woman one glass is enough and for man two glasses. But, not all alcohol is good. Try to drink in this limited quantities red wine because will be good for health, but also for your diet, because is helping the digestion and to bun the fats.

5. Another reason why alcohol and diet don’t have a good relation is because when you have alcohol in your body, the unused fats will be also assimilated. So, when you consume alcohol, your body will not be able to eliminate the unused fat, and will stock it.

Alcohol And Diet Advices

1. The above reasons are only the start why you should consume alcohol in limited quantities, but are the most important. Try to drink only when is a special occasion and in limited quantities.

2. If you really have to consume more, try to take some weight loss pills that will help you to control your appetite and burn the fat. Phen 375 will help you to control your hunger bur also to burn the fat and bust your metabolism.

3. Choose some alcohol drinks that will not destroy your diet. Click on the link to find out some alcohol recipes.


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