4 Summer Foods To Add To Your Diet Plan


4 Summer Foods To Add To Your Diet PlanSince the summer is here, we must take advantage of all her wonderful benefits. In the summer, not only that we can have a healthy and slim body, but also we can lose weight faster and easier due to the great summer foods.

With the winter months over, it’s time to lighten up your diet, going for fresher foods that not only tastes great, but also help you to lose weight.

Let’s have a look at four summer foods that you might consider adding to your diet plan over the coming months.


Artichokes are a food that is often forgotten about by many people but can offer many health benefits that you should definitely remember. Artichokes contain 10 grams of fiber per serving, so are easily rated as one of the highest fiber containing foods out there.

Artichokes contain only have 64 calories per cup, so are an easy food to add to the new diet plan if you are looking to lose weight and have a healthy body.

For those who feels hungry on their diet and needs to control their blood sugar level, this is a food to try out.

Sugar Snap Peas

One excellent food to add to your stir-fries, chop up into your salad or simply snack on when the craving strikes is sugar snap peas. These peas contain only 26 calories per cup and work great added to a wide variety of dishes.

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The crunch that they provide will work to satisfy your craving when you desire something crunchier and sweet and in the same time are very healthy. They are high in fiber, folate, and vitamin K, which is important to be consuming to maintain strong bones.


Continuing on with the trend summer foods that are very good to add in your diet plan, asparagus is another food that you should think about. Asparagus contains only four calories per spear, is perfect if you want to lose weight and to have a slim body.

Asparagus id benefic for the body due to the high level of vitamin A, C as well as important phytochemicals and also is boosting your immune system.

Asparagus is easy to prepare simply by adding a small amount to some boiling water, steaming, and then adding some lemon juice and a small amount of olive oil if desired.

Cucumbers4 Summer Foods To Add To Your Diet Plan

The last but not the less important in your diet plan is cucumber. This works great added to salads or eaten on the own when hunger strikes but you don’t want to consume any of your calories for the day.

Since they contain just 16 calories per cup, you won’t even have to factor this into your diet plan. Their high water content is also going to fill you up, so will keep hunger levels down low.

So there you have four great summer foods to consider adding in your diet plan. Add these to your diet and you will achieve the slim body that you want so much.

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